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Swivelling device holder: New accessories for REINER jetStamp® marking devices

Swivelling device holder: New accessories for REINER jetStamp marking devices
Better freedom of use with the new swivel arm with quick release and clamp.

The inkjet printer becomes a universal everyday working companion for mobile and stationary use with the new REINER® swivelling device holder for the jetStamp® marking devices.
The device holder has a compact design and provides an exceptional range of movement thanks to an arm length of 53 cm. It will move the marking device in any desired direction to use it precisely in the position where it is required. Since the marking device is held by a very durable quick-locking mechanism, it can be ideally positioned above the object to be marked. The lock is released in a few simple steps to remove the marking device to take it wherever the next task awaits.

The swivel arm itself can be attached to many different carrier materials and shapes using two clamps with a large clamping range of 13 to 55 mm. They can be fastened manually. No tools are required. As a result, they can also be used freely at need.

The right device for virtually any job

The mobile marking devices of the REINER jetStamp® family represent very durable, reliable, and consistent marking of small to medium-sized batches, not only in combination with the new swivelling device holder. The mobile inkjet printers avoid expensive labelling systems. They can be integrated portably and flexibly at any point in the production chain.

Remote triggering of the marking device by foot or hand is possible in combination with the foot contact (article no. 381050-005 for jetStamp® 1025 and jetStamp® 990, article no. 381050-030 for jetStamp® graphic 970). This is ideal for use in a table and workstation solution.

Easy and comfortable marking with the REINER jetStamp® family and the swivelling device holder.

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