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New firmware for the jetStamp® 990

New firmware for the jetStamp 990
REINER® is periodically providing software updates to improve the marking device functions.

The new firmware update has the following advantages:
Additional print options are now available, to be set accordingly on the device display. One of them turns the print image by 180°. Another is the “Counter” function, displaying the jetStamp® 990 counter reading on demand.

The hotkey function has been expanded by an additional selection option: Num next value
This hotkey will immediately switch to the next numbering machine value at the push of a button.

Numbering machine and date print image options to be available on your new PCset (planned for NOV 2022) have been prepared already as well.

Download the latest firmware version V2.60 for the REINER jetStamp® 990 to keep your marking device working reliably and safely at all times.

To the download:
Firmware Version 2.60