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Slipped markings are firmly in the past with the new REINER® indicators of print position for jetStamp® devices

Slipped markings are firmly in the past with the new REINER indicators of print position for jetStamp devices
Mobile inkjet printers of marking specialist REINER® offer many special features, primarily thanks to their flexible use just where they are needed.

Since the devices are usually applied freely, we are now offering the REINER® indicator of print position among our accessories, to ensure that every imprint is placed in the same position.
The handheld inkjet printers of the REINER jetStamp® family are highly popular. Consistently aligned with mobile use, they are characterised by robustness and reliability. Precise print images with optimal adhesion on many different materials, economic use of ink and a long battery life permit high-quality work without any annoying interruptions.

REINER® marking devices come with comprehensive interfaces for seamless integration into the existing software environment, digital goods management and documentation.

Consistent marking is a challenge in mobile use, especially when handling small or curved objects that may slip no matter how carefully they are handled, causing the print to deviate from the previous one. REINER® has a clever solution for this as well with its new REINER indicator of print position.

It is made of a pre-punched sheet with 20 foam elements in different sizes and shapes. The reverse is self-adhesive for quick and secure application of the respective foam piece to the base plate of the handheld inkjet printer. Simply take the elements you need for a frame that matches the object to ensure reproducible placement. Then position the object and mark away.

The indicator of print position is ideal, among other things, for consistent printing on round objects, such as pads or bottoms of bottles, glasses or petri dishes. It can also be used to print along the crown of curved objects like pipes, rods, cylindrical packaging or cables.

The REINER® indicator of print position is a small accessory with a great effect.

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