Cartridge inkjet

for a smudge-proof impression on paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick, metal, plastic, glass

Tinte P3
One way of marking products without disturbing the product design is direct printing with UV ink, which is only visible under special conditions.

Unpleasant markings are a thing of the past, because the printed image can only be read with black light. You can use direct printing even on the smallest parts and almost any surface condition and all this without having to do without the well-known REINER® quality.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Readable only with black light
  • Forgery-proof labeling
  • Labelling without changing the product design

Technical Data

Color:invisible (orange under UV light)
Adheres to:Paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick, metal, plastic, glass
Order-No.:947 100-140


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How do I replace the protective nozzle seal in my jetStamp® graphic 970?

For a clip with the instructions "Replace protective nozzle seal", here.

For more information on this, see the operating instructions under "Replace protective nozzle seal". The link to the operating instructions is found here.

How can I move the print carriage of my jetStamp® graphics 970 to the middle?

> Set setting wheel to position 1.
> Keep the trigger button pushed and take the device out of the basis station.
> The print carriage moves to the middle position.