jetStamp 790

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Prints easily, quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces, forms, bundles of documents, or envelopes. Battery operation for added flexibility (model 790) – easy and convenient to take anywhere to mark goods. Portable.


  • Number, date, time and text in a one or two-line impression
  • Adjustable character widths, max. 20 characters per line, max. print width 42 mm
  • Simple menu selections with the user friendly
  • LCD-display
  • Up to 4 individual texts or special functions are possible
  • 25 different prints are stored in the system
  • On request, the 790 is also deliverable with 10 freely programmable memory spaces (Marker 10). No stored prints.
  • Quickly adaptable to the changing demands of workplace organisation

jetStamp 790

Mobile electronic hand stamp for a wide variety of applications

  • Gentle treatment of surface being marked
  • Clearly visible print area
  • Simple menu-driven user friendly display
  • Stamping activated by a trigger button in the handle
  • Battery operation for added flexibility

jetStamp 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP

All models available with special ink for printing on non porous surfaces like metal and plastic

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Pos.Sample PrintsA ↕ 
209jetStamp 790; Pos.: 209; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
211jetStamp 790; Pos.: 211; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
215jetStamp 790; Pos.: 215; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
216jetStamp 790; Pos.: 216; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H ):80 x 96 x 170
Dimensions charging station (L x W x H):141 x 115 x 36
Weight:approx. 450 g
Character font:max. 20 characters per line
Print technology:inkjet

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Cartridge inkjet

Suitable for: jetStamp 790

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Cartridge inkjet

Suitable for: jetStamp 790

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My jetStamp 79x shows Error 04/09. What does this mean?

Notes on this can be found in the operating instructions under "Recognising and removing interferences". Please click here.