Electric Stamps with Textplate

Discover the world of REINER electric stamps with text plates. Choose your stamp from a wide range of products. All models print besides an individual text also date, time and numbers. Depending on the model these functions work automatically. The text plates can bear a logo, signature or seal.

Please find sample prints below.

ChronoDater 920

Prints date and text

Electric Stamp ChronoDater 920
REINER ChronoDater 920 Nr2.jpg

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ChronoDater 922

As model 920 but without print head, for stamping texts, logos, signatures etc.

Electric Stamp ChronoDater 922
REINER ChronoDater 922.jpg

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ChronoDater 925

As model 920 but with additional clock time printing

Electric Stamp ChronoDater 925
REINER ChronoDater 925.jpg

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Large textplate permits much engraving, e.g. logos, validations and signatures

Electric Stamp REINER 880
REINER 880 Nr3.jpg

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