Product protection through invisible ink with REINER® marking systemsDirect printing with UV ink makes products and packaging counterfeit-proof and traceable

Who hasn't experimented with lemon juice as a child to write secret messages with this “invisible ink”? The classic among the secret inks works because the writing only becomes visible when the paper is heated. However, it remains visible forever afterwards, because the heat of the ink triggers a chemical reaction with the paper.

In professional everyday life, a permanently invisible label is more important than ever in order to distinguish an original product from counterfeits from the production of product piracy as preventive product protection. But purely aesthetic reasons can also speak in favour of discreetly printing markings.

The modern and simple, but also very effective “secret ink” consists of UV ink, also known as black light ink. Invisible in daylight, the printed image can only be read under illumination with special UV lamps (black light).

The mobile inkjet printers from REINER® have proven themselves reliably in direct printing for many years. In combination with the special UV ink, the handy marking devices combine a number of advantages in one device:

Invisible direct printing of many types such as text, barcodes, batch numbers, data matrix codes, graphics

• On individual parts, products, packaging, cardboard boxes

• On almost all smooth surfaces made of paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, curved surfaces, coated labels

• Ideal for marking small parts

• The invisible product marking can be created quickly and easily on the PC using the PCset graphic software supplied and transferred via USB

Interesting information about direct printing

Invisible traceability in production and logistics via UV ink

The marking of serial products with a batch number is an important part of quality assurance. Only this product marking allows the complete traceability of the manufacturing process, partly down to the raw material. In the event of sudden production errors, LOT or batch numbers enable the manufacturer to search for the cause.

However, this unsightly marking in the form of a data matrix code or series of numbers can disrupt the appearance of a product. Especially with small or all around visible products one would prefer to do without it. We know the perfect solution:
fluorescent colours under black light.

REINER®'s special UV ink looks like a clear liquid in daylight and is invisible as an imprint on objects. Only under appropriate UV light of a black light lamp the printing in bright colour becomes visible.
 UV ink printer

UV ink as professional secret ink for discreet marking

Individual items and small series with plagiarism protection by mobile direct printing

Branded products were and are popular targets for product piracy and counterfeiting, regardless of the quantity produced. The mobile REINER jetStamp® models jetStamp® graphic 970 and REINER® 940 fully demonstrate their advantages, especially when marking individual parts and small series. Using REINER® UV safety ink, the brand owner succeeds in preventive product protection through invisible product marking at the touch of a button.

The invisible originality marking should only be printed by authorised persons in an inconspicuous or difficult-to-view place. This additionally increases the protection against plagiarism. As soon as there is a suspicion of product counterfeiting, lighting with the black light lamp in the right place is sufficient to immediately unmask clumsy counterfeits.
 Invisible marking ink

Copy protection on tickets and vouchers through invisible originality marking

Invisible numbering using black light ink

Direct printing of consecutive serial numbers or coded numbering on objects requires an inkjet printer that can regenerate the print image each time it is printed. In combination with invisible UV ink, the handy, mobile marking devices from REINER® become an indispensable companion in trade and logistics.
Products in their original packaging are already marked with the manufacturer's EAN code and must also be marked with internal notes.

In order not to impair the appearance of the packaging, the invisible imprint with the transparent black light ink is ideal. For the consumer it remains hidden, but every warehouse employee can immediately check the internal marking and process the goods by lighting them with UV light.
UV stamp

The digital UV stamp