REINER – Stamps, Industrial marking equipment, Scanners, Precision Technology

Hand Stamps

The high-quality hand stamps of REINER are characterised by their versatile application type and the durability. Whether number, date, time, text or in combination, REINER offers for your requirements individual solutions.

Electric Stamps

The high-quality elektric stamps of REINER are characterised by their versatile application type and the durability. Whether number, date, time, text or in combination, REINER offers for your requirements individual solutions.

Industrial marking equipment

Whether number, date, time, text, barcode, logos or in combination, REINER offers individual solutions for your requirements. Whether in industry, public administration or logistics – REINER marking systems are characterized by their versatility and durability.

ATM Scanners

REINER offers a comprehensive scanner portfolio. You will find the ideal scanner for every application: processing documents efficiently helps to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Precision Technology

Precision tool-making and precision parts – REINER offers customer specific solutions in the areas of zinc die-casting, plastic injection molding, metal injection molding (MIM Technology) and fine blanking.


REINER new contact for selling voucher printers

In early 2017, Ernst REINER GmbH & Co.KG became the new contact for selling REINER voucher printers. This adds the OCR printing section to the previous area. REINER is able to support its customers even more directly and comprehensively with this combination. It is also a declared target to further optimise the implementation of customer projects by the interaction of the departments.

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New firmware for jetstamp graphic 970 und REINER 940

At specified intervals, REINER releases firmware updates to improve the functionalities of their equipment. The latest versions for REINER 940 und jetStamp graphic 970 marking equipment - V6.30 and V4.30 - adjust to modifications to ink cartridges and equally improve the performance of the marking equipment. Your previous ink cartridges may readily be continued to use with these updates.

To the download:
Firmware V6.30 – REINER 940
Firmware V4.30 – jetStamp graphic 970

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Safe marking: Knowing where

Copying or forging of branded products and documents is a problem everywhere in the world. This includes the area of confidential and important documents or goods. Many effective mechanisms are available today for better tracking to facilitate safe marking. They range from simple to highly technical: From basis identification with well visible, partially coded marking, called overt technology, to safety inks that belong among the "covert" methods, i.e. the concealed methods.

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Application Notes

Highest-grade marking in the Maya coffee manufacture

To make people enthusiastic about their refined coffee, the Maya coffee producers are obligated to provide transparent food information as well. In their quality segment, marking expresses reliability and product safety - maybe even more so than anywhere else. Everyone wants to know what they are drinking and for how long the product will keep ...

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The marking solution for mymuesli

Who doesn't know them: The slim muesli boxes from mymuesli? The history of this company from Passau is a true story of success among the company foundings of the last few years. But the story started out with two rather simple-sounding prerequisites ...

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Time-saving - everything in stock

Together with REINER, the partner for marking technology, Ganter Normteile was now able to complete an important step towards improving its warehouse logistics.
The just as logical as smart solution intends for 30 pallets delivered every week no longer having to be placed in storage and picked as of now...

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Decades of experience, combined with innovative ideas and close contact to our customers are the driving forces for a wide range of high-performance products.

Stamps – hand and electric

The high-quality hand and electronic stamps by REINER are characterised by their diverse uses and long service life. In addition to the classic numbering machine Reiner offers date stamps and dater numberers with and without text. Numbering machines stamp serial numbers onto your documents. The date stamps offer the option of stamping a date alone or in combination with a text or number. The modular build of the stamps permits fast and economic implementation of specials!

Marking – flexible, mobile and simple!

The mobile marking devices of REINER print numbers, dates, times, texts, barcodes, logos or combinations easily. These inkjet printers can print on smooth and non-porous surfaces with quick-drying ink (MP).

Scanners – Cheque scanners, open frame and desk top

REINER offers a comprehensive scanner range. These scanners efficiently process A6 sized documents (cheques, vouchers, prescriptions) to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our range offers single feed scanners or scanners with bundle feeder, applied as teller scanners or open frame modules for self-service kiosks or ATM´s, e.g. to support automatic cheque deposit. These devices are also available with an MICR reader and UV/IR camera.

Precision components for the highest demands

Precision tooling and high-precision parts – zinc die-casting, injection moulding, metal injection moulding (MIM technology) and fine-blanking, a modern tool shop supports these operations to produce high-quality, ready to assemble components.