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Personalisation unit 357 online

For continuous forms

The REINER® personalisation device 357 online is a compact printer for continuous forms of all common payment transaction forms. With the personalisation device, payment recipients such as corporate customers, public cash offices or associations fulfil all the requirements of the "Guidelines for standardised payment transaction forms", for example the specific information - field positions and leading texts - or the general specifications, including paper and printing specifications as well as formats.

The printing capacity of up to 3,000 pre-printed forms per hour (depending on the number of characters imprinted) allows mass mailings to be handled without any problems. This means that a large number of invoices, reminder letters and other payment requests can be sent out, accompanied by neutral SEPA transfer/payment slip forms or neutral transfer/payment slip forms.

The REINER® personalisation device 357 online is available with connection cable and adapter. The BECOST software solution is required for operation.
REINER Personalisierungsgerät 357 - application example: transfer