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Making product piracy more difficult: REINER® marking devices optimise counterfeit-proofing

Making product piracy more difficult: REINER marking devices optimise counterfeit-proofing
Product piracy causes damage in a variety of forms, making it all the more important for companies to prevent counterfeiting and plagiarism.

Marking specialist REINER® from Furtwangen in the Black Forest supports such measures simply and cost-effectively with its mobile inkjet printers.
Virtually everyone will have come into contact with counterfeit bags, sunglasses, shirts, trainers, or other counterfeit products at some point in the past. Even sectors such as pharmaceuticals or the automotive industry are susceptible to counterfeiting. However, issues arising from this are not limited to the manufacturing company, as the production of counterfeit goods disregards any labour and environmental protection standards. Counterfeit medicines or safety-related products such as brakes or airbags pose severe dangers to consumer health. How can companies make product piracy noticeably more difficult with little effort?

One smart way is marking both the product and its packaging to make counterfeiting a lot more difficult while rendering genuine products easier to trace. REINER® marking devices offer a solution for this. Among other things, they can be used on virtually any surface to imprint various kinds of codes.

Special features of REINER®’s mobile marking devices

The mobile inkjet printers offer a cost-effective and easy way to improve counterfeit-proofness quickly and cost-effectively for all companies, from small medium-sized manufacturers to mass producers. Barcodes, QR codes, and data-matrix codes can be printed onto products and packaging items directly since both the device and ink are suitable for virtually any surface or material. Special UV ink that is only rendered visible under the light to match can be used as well. REINER®’s marking systems usually permit seamless tracing of branded items.

Reliably defeat pirates with optimised counterfeit-proofing using REINER® marking devices “Made in Germany”.

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