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Solution for intralogistics: handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970

Solution for intralogistics: handheld inkjet printer jetStamp graphic 970
Everyone is talking about work process optimisation and it plays an important role especially in the field of logistics.

This is also the case with Ganter, the Black Forest specialist for standard elements that are used in almost every industrial sector.
In order to optimise warehouse logistics, the company relies on identification technology from REINER®. Using the handheld ink-jet printer jetStamp® graphic 970, the standard parts manufacturer has enormously shortened storage and throughput times and can thus score points with its customers due to particularly short delivery times.

Made to fit anything. Goods marking with system

The approach behind it: Incoming goods are marked directly on the pallet. This means that the pallets delivered by the forwarder do not have to be re-sorted in order to monitor incoming and outgoing goods. Rather, the goods remain on the pallets, which are provided with a unique barcode immediately after delivery.

In a second step, the cartons on the pallets are then printed with consecutive barcodes so that they can be clearly assigned. The source of error caused by falling adhesive labels is thus eliminated and order picking of the goods is possible without confusion.

Recognition value through the marking specialist

A progress that could not be made in this way without the REINER® portable inkjet printer jetStamp® graphic 970. The marking specialists from REINER ensure that Ganter commissions without confusion and with a low error rate. The confusion of individual cartons is virtually eliminated by the application of the individual, consecutive imprint.

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