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Can panels be labelled safely and easily directly on the multilayer installation station?

Mobil drucken Leiterplatten Data Matrix Code DMC

Würth Elektronik in Niedernhall has dealt with this question in the production of printed circuit boards in the course of the implementation of “Industry 4.0”.

The solution has now been found in cooperation with REINER®.

A DataMatrix Code (DMC) is already included in the inner layer production. But what about the marking when the inner layers of a multilayer printed circuit board are repeatedly covered by additional outer copper foils and are no longer legible?

Clear assignment of the panels to the production order

For this purpose, each panel must have a label on the front foil. The previous handling with a classic, manually adjustable stamp was no longer up to date and sometimes caused quality problems and errors.

Simplest operation. Reliable execution. Just jetStamp® graphic 970

With the REINER® jetStamp® graphic 970, the employee now has a handy and robust marking device directly at his workplace. Easy to operate, with simple scanning of the data, jetStamp® graphic 970 at Würth Elektronik ensures clear and always readable imprints.

» Here you can download the application note Würth-Elektronik