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New milling automation with Yaskawa robot
in our Chiron FZ15W

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Our new milling automation system, the Chiron FZ15W, revolutionizes milling automation with the use of a state-of-the-art Yaskawa robot.

This innovative machine offers efficient and precise part production thanks to a wide range of advanced features.
A special feature of the Chiron FZ15W is the parts feeding system, which is realized by a palletizing system. The raw parts are placed in our standard boxes with specially manufactured inlays and then removed step by step by a Yaskawa GP12. One by one, the individual boxes are then processed with the help of the palletizer.

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A special feature of the machine is its unique turntable:
While the table is loaded with parts by the robot at the front, the processing of the already clamped parts takes place simultaneously on the opposite side. 
This significantly increases productivity and shortens the cycle time. In addition, the available work area is optimally utilized.

The milling machine is equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic clamping. This allows us to ensure exact clamping during the milling process on our in-house manufactured milling fixtures, resulting in outstanding precision.

Once the parts are finished, the robot removes the parts from the machine using a pneumatic gripper. To ensure quality, the parts are inspected directly with the robot at a special measuring station.

Depending on the production requirements, there are two options for further processing of the finished parts:
Either they are deposited as bulk goods by an ejection chute, or in the case of particularly sensitive parts, they are placed back into the boxes of the palletizer. This ensures that no damage occurs in the handling process.
The combination of pneumatic and hydraulic clamping in the milling machine and the precise loading of the parts by the robot enables outstanding performance and precision in the machining and handling of the parts.
The introduction of the Chiron FZ15W with the Yaskawa robot sets new standards in milling automation. This combination brings together advanced technology, high efficiency and outstanding precision to meet the demands of manufacturing applications.
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