Print foils and packaging - with the handy inkjet printers!Stamp and print foil packagings with REINER® marking devices!

Best before date, serial number, manufacturer information or product information - there are a large number of markings that are either required by law or requested by the manufacturer. The printing of foils and plastic packagings always poses special challenges.

In the past, the simplest way was to create labels and thus stick them on the foils, plastic packagings and bags. Labels, however, have many disadvantages. Designing and printing the labels can be very time-consuming, especially if continuous data such as date values or serial numbers are required.

We at REINER® have the right solutions for this problem. It's easier, faster and less complicated! We will show you some examples of how you can save time and how you can mark almost all plastic and foil surfaces with the desired data and graphics.

Interesting facts about printing on foils and packagings

How to label blister packagings?

Visual packagings, such as blister cards, folding blisters or sliding blisters, can be printed with the handy marking devices by REINER® such as the jetStamp® 990 or handheld printer jetStamp® graphic 970 - quick and easy. Even cardboard blisters can be easily marked, stamped or printed.

Due to the handy shape and the cordless operation, marking is also possible in rather inaccessible places or on uneven surfaces. With the REINER® marking devices jetStamp® 990 and jetStamp® graphic 970 you now have the possibility to scan e.g. consecutive numbering or the current time stamp.

For barcodes, graphics or individual one- or two-line texts, for example, the handheld printer jetStamp® graphic 970 is suitable. You can therefore use standard cardboard backgrounds for your product or even do without them altogether. Due to the short printing time, you can mark several products consecutively or label the products one by one and individually only at the point of sale.

Mobile printing on foil and blister cards

How, for example, can small butchers label their products?

And how can fishmongers, for example, label their products?

The fish is packaged in cooling foil or thermal foil for transport on site in the fish vending trolley and then given to the customer. As with all food products, the consumption date is of great importance.

REINER® has developed the suitable handheld printer jetStamp® 990 and a special drying ink! Simply place the device on the foil, press the button and the imprint will be directly applied to the foil. This is time saving and allows you to get back to your customers or your core business more quickly.
Handheld printer for mobile marking on foil Ernst REINER

Is there a way to label plastic packagings almost invisibly?

How can salad packagings and other vegetable packagings or fruit packagings be printed?

For hygienic reasons, salads, fruit and other vegetables are often packaged in foil and laboriously labelled with unattractive labels. REINER® direct printing solutions are simpler, faster and far more attractive. Print barcodes, serial numbers, manufacturer data, best before date, batch numbers and other important data directly onto the foil. The REINER® handheld printer can be used to print on almost any plastic.

printing on foil with handheld printer from Ernst REINER

How can tea packagings be printed?

Are REINER® marking technologies suitable for use at any workplace?

The mobile REINER® marking devices are equipped with high-quality rechargeable batteries and can therefore be used at any workplace or point of sale. A power supply on site is not necessary.
The handy marking devices convince by a robust and high-quality workmanship and therefore provide maximum efficiency, top quality and a long service life.

The mobile marking device jetStamp® 990  already have the most common stamp imprints pre-installed, so that you can get started quickly and easily.
Individual stamp imprints can also be created by us in advance using the supplied software and permanently stored in the portable handheld printer.

With the mobile marking devices jetStamp® graphic 970 or REINER® 940 the data transfer can be done via Word, Excel, ERP system, label software or via the included software PCset graphic. These devices are also graphics compatible and are therefore suitable for high-quality printing of barcodes or data matrix codes.

The handling of the devices is very simple and can also be passed on to other persons without extensive training.
Handheld inkjet printer made in Germany