Handheld inkjet printer - printing on carton and cardboard!Printing on carton and cardboard – quickly, easily and flexibly with our practical printers and marking units!

Serial numbers, batch information, barcodes or other product information – no matter if required by law or simply what you want.

Printing on objects right at the workplace always poses technical challenges. Labels used to be the simplest way of marking cartons. Label design and printing for each warehouse employee can be a very elaborate process if there are different products, in particular when one requires ongoing changes such as date values, serial numbers or barcodes. This task can be completed much more efficiently!

We at REINER® have analysed these work processes and developed a matching, smart, efficient and quick solution with our handheld inkjet printer: jetStamp® graphic 970, jetStamp® 990, REINER® 940 and speed-i-Jet 798.

Printing on cartons, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other paper products, labelling or marking them for tracking is made easy.

Other applications, such as printing of visitor IDs with serial numbers and access barcodes, can also be produced quickly and easily by you with our handheld inkjet printer.

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