Stamp and print pallets and wood with REINER® marking devices!Pallets and wood - handheld inkjet printer for printing and stamping on pallets and wood!

For wooden pallets treated according to the international ISPM-15 standard, the IPPC stamp must be applied. With the REINER® battery handheld inkjet printer, this works quickly and easily: Hold the device in the prescribed position and print the IPPC print directly onto the wood using inkjet technology. There you go!

This allows almost all wood products to be individually marked. Either for shipping, to keep track of the situation and traceability, or later for the finished piece of furniture, to provide the customer with further information about production and any accessories that may be available for purchase.

Expensive wooden floors can also be marked so that the quality can also be guaranteed on site during installation and counterfeits can be detected more quickly.

Already in the forest felled tree trunks can be marked. So the collector and the sawmill know which wood comes from which forest and from which owner. With the tree trunk marking and the following wood marking the complete background can be reconstructed from the tree to the wood floor or to the wood furniture.

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