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Optris MS hand-held laser thermometer with USB interface

Non-contact temperature measurement – Data processing and documentation via the REINER® senseAPP and jetStamp® 1025

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The hand-held laser thermometer MS from Optris is ideal for hygienic and safe non-contact temperature measurement even at greater distances from the measured object. The measuring point is targeted with the help of a single-point laser. The temperature will be displayed within 0.3 seconds after actuating the trigger. A precise non-contact measurement is ensured by way of an optoelectronic infrared unit (periodic calibration is recommended). Following connection to the REINER® senseAPP via the integrated USB interface, the measurements are available there at once for further use and immediate documentation with the REINER® handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025.

The MS stands out with an enormous temperature range from -32 °C to 760 °C at a measuring accuracy of ±1 °C. This ensures that reliable data are at hand at all times. Its size of 190 x 38 x 45 mm (L x W x H) makes the thermometer perfectly fit into the user’s hand.

The Optris MS for REINER® senseAPP and handheld inkjet printer jetStamp® 1025 is a smart infrared thermometer with USB interface and precision optics.

Overview of the special features:

  • Handy thermometer for non-contact measurement even from a greater distance
  • Perfect interaction with the REINER® senseAPP
  • Optimal data quality

Technical Data

Dimensions:190 x 38 x 45 mm
Weight:150 g