FAQ Industrial marking equipment

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Detailed questions on your product are answered on the corresponding product page. If you have any further questions, call us or send an email. We will gladly help you.

Can I programme the imprint for my marking equipment on my own?

Yes, you can use the enclosed software "PCset" to programme your own imprints.

How do I replace the print cartridge on my marking equipment?

A short video explains how to change the print cartridge quickly and easily. Click here for the YouTube video:
jetStamp® 1025

For more information on this, see the operating instructions under "Replace Print Cartridge”. The link to the operating instructions is found in the respective model designation. Please click the model designation.

jetStamp® 1025
jetStamp® graphic 970
jetStamp® 990
jetStamp® 790 MP
jetStamp® 791 MP
jetStamp® 792 MP
speed-i-Jet 798

How many prints are possible per battery charge in my marking equipment?

jetStamp® 1025: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® graphic 970: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® 990: approx. 900 prints
REINER 940: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP: approx. 500 prints
speed-i-Jet 798: approx. 5,000 prints

Can my marking equipment print copies?

No, your marking device cannot print copies. It works with inkjet technology. These include:

jetStamp® 1025
jetStamp® graphic 970
jetStamp® 990
jetStamp® 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP
speed-i-Jet 798.

What is the quick-drying ink made of?

The quick-drying inks are alcohol-based inks. Therefore, they dry faster than regular water-based inks. You can find the safety datasheets under the following links:

Cartridge inkjet P3-MP2-BK
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP3-BK
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP4-BK

Can I print on food with the ink?

No, our ink is not food proof. Therefore, you must not print directly onto food. Also consider the respective national provisions of food law.

Do I have a guarantee for my marking equipment?

For more information on this, see our general terms and conditions and also in Service and repair. Please click here.